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Bozeman's Premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary 

Loud Smoke is a DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program licensed provider created in 2010 by Jarod Mund. We are passionate and dedicated to growing and selling only the highest quality of product. Come stop by our shop and our knowledgable staff will be able to help you figure out exactly what product is right for you!

8300 Calico Dr, Unit C Bozeman, MT 59718   |   406-556-7184   |


The Loud Smoke team is dedicated to growing the highest quality products in house. We are passionate about the process of growing and work hard to keep the grow rooms clean and free of bugs and pesticides


1 - 7 pm

Appointment only 


Jarod was born and raised in Montana and has been in the Bozeman area for 23 years. A passion for growing brought about Loud Smoke in 2010 and we have been serving the Bozeman community ever since

Mon - Fri: